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Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

I am a BACP Senior-Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Certified IFS Therapist, Approved IFS Clinical Consultant, editor of Internal Family Systems therapy: Supervision and Consultation (Routledge), author of Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy: A Companion for Therapists and Practitioners (Routledge), and co-editor with Helen Foot of the multi-author book Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room (B. C. Allen Publishing Group).

In November, 2023, Gayle Williamson and I launched a podcast series for IFS professionals, Purely IFS.

I am not taking on new referrals, nor do I run a waiting list at present.

Ethical and professional practice

I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework and the BACP Professional Conduct Procedure. A new Ethical Framework was formally adopted on 1st July 2018 and can be found online here. To make a complaint, BACP has a professional conduct procedure, please click here to begin that process.

Emma E. Redfern Online Psychotherapy Services offers Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, supervision/consultation, and CPD. Emma E. Redfern identifies as an Internal Family Systems therapist, supervisor, editor and author.

Redfern Psychotherapy Services is based in Honiton, EX14, less than 20 miles from Exeter (EX14), Devon, UK.

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Internal Family Systems Therapy and Consultation

Internal Family Systems therapy is a comprehensive and transformative therapy approach arising out of systems thinking and multiplicity of mind. Devised by Richard C. Schwartz, the IFS model conceives of inner parts and a Self that is just below or beyond the parts. Creating inner Self-to-part relationships and working with one’s parts IFS-style, brings transformational healing and increased Self-leadership. A virtuous cycle occurs of more access to Self and Self's healing qualities and nature. The IFS paradigm offers a way of relating to oneself and others which is non-pathologising, empowering and transformative. IFS brings greater self-understanding, self-acceptance, inner harmony, personal growth and trust in Self-leadership; in the IFS model all parts are welcome.

Click here to read Dr. Schwartz’s article “The Larger Self”, his first-hand account of how he developed and uses IFS and its extraordinary, transformative effect for him personally and for his clients.

This book is the first dedicated to the supervision and consultation of Internal Family Systems therapy. It features 14 chapters by 16 authors (14 from the US and 2 from the UK), including an interview with the founder, Richard C. Schwartz, as well as an introduction by Martha Sweezy. It is a stimulating, challenging, and encouraging read for supervisees and supervisors alike and anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of IFS.

Available for purchase, a 1.5-hr recording in which the editor talks about her journey editing this book and writing her book on conscious transitioning to IFS: Two Psychotherapist Writers in Conversation with Karin Brauner and Emma Redfern.

Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy

published on 27 April 2023

This book is a guide to resolving common areas of confusion and stuckness often experienced when facilitating the transformational potential of the IFS model. Real-life clinical as well as autobiographical material is used, together with insights from the developer Richard C. Schwartz and other lead trainers and professionals. Featuring reflective and practical exercises, therapists and practitioners (those without a foundational therapy training) are encouraged to get to know and attend to their own inner family of parts, especially those who may be struggling to embrace the new modality. Endnotes provide and direct the reader to core IFS teaching, while reflective statements showcase glimpses of the experience of professionals on their own journey of transition.

See CPD Opportunities re a 1.5-hr recording of the workshop & book launch.

Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room

A #1 bestseller on Amazon on the day of publication Friday 27 October, 2023

This book showcases how the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model is being used in setting beyond the therapy room in New Zealand, the US, Australia, and the UK and Europe. These settings include intuitive drawing groups, online with groups of black men, at the nutritionists and physiotherapists, in yoga classes, and at summer camp. The book highlights the impact of IFS, and even a little IFS goes a very long way, when working with a multiplicity of issues: decision-making, intimate partner betrayal, gender and sexual identity, money burdens, and legacy, cultural and unattached burdens, body tensions and holding, as well as struggles around food and the body. The contributors details their unique experiences of combining aspects of IFS with their passion or purpose in life, and of sharing the model with professional colleagues.

Non-amazon e-book available here.

Qualities of Self

Self is an unlimited personal and universal resource that has no fear, no need and feels no separation from others. It is characterised by:









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Published articles

Professional Transitioning - An article recommending transitioning to a new modality rather than, or before, integrating it. This article was first published in December 2023/January 2024 edition of Therapy Today, the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

A supervisor reflects on the complexities of therapists communicating 'no' - a reflective article highlighting the importance of boundaries including the therapist's ability to say 'yes' and 'no' and to lead their inner worlds despite ever-growing complexity in the external world. This article was peer reviewed and published in The Irish Journal for Counselling and Psychotherapy, summer 2022.

Self in Internal Family Systems therapy – a dialogue with Robin Shohet about IFS, published in Thresholds, April 2022

Dark and Light: What Our Psychotherapy Heroes Reveal About Ourselves and Our Profession - a reflective article honouring four of my current psychotherapy heroes, peer-reviewed and published in The Irish Journal for Counselling and Psychotherapy, winter, 2021.

The Drama Triangle and Healthy Triangle in Supervision – focuses on the quality of the supervisory relationship and unconscious processes that may get in the way of a sound working alliance, peer reviewed and published in The Irish Journal for Counselling and Psychotherapy, spring 2021

Three-Legged Stool – an article about the therapeutic relationship, published in the BACP Private Practice Journal, June 2019.

Feedback in Supervision – an exploration of how two-way feedback can facilitate a sound working alliance, published in Therapy Today, the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, October 2014.

DIY Therapy - a short viewpoint article about my role as a psychotherapist in making myself obsolete as I assist clients to self-heal and find their own inner resources for therapy and for life beyond therapy. This published in Therapy Today, the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, April 2010.

IFS CPD Opportunities

2024 IFS CPD Opportunities with Onlinevents Featuring Emma Redfern (online workshops & recordings) & IFS 48-hr Intro to IFS with Risa Adams and Marina Hazan

Still to come in 2024, with self-select fee, recording and CPD certificate:

Karin Brauner and Emma Redfern discuss IFS Beyond the Therapy Room, Friday 26 July, 10 am to 12 noon as part of Karin Brauner's series, Author's Corner: Value-added Conversations with Colleagues. The workshop will be didactic, conversational, and experiential, as well as including time in breakout rooms for those who are up for that. Both Karin and Emma will be sharing free gifts with attendees and those who purchase a recording.

Comprehensive 48-hour IFS Intro Course Online

September to November 2024, with Risa Adams (IFSI Assistant Trainer) and Marina Hazan (IFSI Co-Lead Trainer)

There is a 3-hr taster and a 5-min video from both presenters to help you decide if this 48-hr course is for you.

Early bird fee (until July 22) is ca $2,200, and for more information click here https://www.ifsconnect.ca/intro-course

CPD Workshop Recordings Available for Purchase or via Library Membership @ Onlinevents

IFS-related CPD workshops are available for purchase (see links below) and via the Onlinevents CPD library via Emma Redfern's presenter page.

  • IFS and You: An IFS Take on the Drama Triangle and the Healthy Triangle (3-part workshop)

Join me as I introduce my IFS take on the Drama Triangle (Aka Karpman's Triangle) and the Healthy Triangle. Movement from one triangle to the other and characteristics of DT parts and HT qualities will be exemplified using the film Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Series 1 (2021) and Series 2 (2022) of TV series The Outlaws. Viewing of the film and TV material in your own time is advised as due to copyright restrictions, clips will not be shown. IFS case studies will be shared (with permission) in Parts 2 and 3.

Click here to purchase the recording of Part 1.

Click here to purchase the recording of Part 2.

Click here to purchase the recording of Part 3.

  • IFS and You: Orienting to a New Modality (2-part workshop)

Over two separate and sequential workshops I highlight multiple areas of practice potentially impacted when someone trained in an existing modality (or modalities) orients to a new modality.

In Part 1 we consider stakeholders, metaphors for orienting vs integrating, I lead a meditative exercise to begin to get to know parts reactive to the new modality, an introduction to the 6 F's of IFS, and finally an outline of the book which covers this subject in more detail: Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy: A Companion for Therapists and Practitioners. Click here to purchase the recording of Part 1.

In Part 2 I guide us in beginning to reflect on the existing modality, offer glimpses of the journeys of those who have already oriented/transitioned to or integrated a new modality (IFS), I lead a meditative exercise to begin to get to know parts reactive to the new modality, we consider protector fears, the need to update therapist parts, and end with a focus on the client. Click here to purchase the recording of Part 2.

  • IFS and You: Beginning and Developing a Practice Workshop & Book Launch

Hosted by Onlinevents on 8 May 2023, a recording is available for purchase here

Join the author as she introduces her book, Transitioning to Internal Family Systems Therapy: A Companion for Therapists and Practitioners, written to support those transitioning to becoming proficient as IFS therapists or using IFS with skill and efficacy within their professional context.

During this workshop, the author shares her own Circle of Professional Authority (featured in the book) including some of her thoughts on values, ethics and boundaries.

The workshop is likely to be an ideal taster for those considering buying the book; provide a unique introduction for participants on the concepts of values, ethics and boundaries; and provide a refresher for those who may want to revisit professional practices and ideas to which they may not have given much thought in a while, or not from an IFS perspective.

  • Two Psychotherapist Writers in Conversation: Karin Brauner and Emma Redfern

1.5 hr recording available for purchase here: Onlinevents

In this workshop, Emma and Karin have a conversation about how they became authors, what led them to choose their topics, and how you can do the same. They share about the process of writing and their different publishing choices and options. Attendees will receive an A to Z of writing and publishing a book as a quick guide to help you get started and stay on track.

One of the attendees to the live event emailed to say the workshop was just right for her: "The flow was just wonderful and sequenced perfectly. I appreciate the informative flow between two authors who wrote totally different books and published in different ways. I really liked the questions back and forth. ... I cannot wait to dive into the handout you shared. There is so much information packed into those few pages. I know I'll find good stuff."

Thank you Diana Dugan Richards, RDN, LDN, and Certified IFS Nutrition Therapist. Check out Diana's chapter about becoming an IFS nutrition professional in Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room.

Eight-Week Beginners 1: Fundamentals of the IFS Approach

Gayle Williamson runs small (6-8 participants), online Internal Family Systems therapy training groups for beginner IFS therapists, with each course taking place over eight weeks (with two gap weeks during the training), meeting weekly for two-and-a-half hours. The cost is €460.

Click here for more information.

Purely IFS with Emma and Gayle (an IFS podcast)

This podcast is for you if you are a psychotherapist, practitioner, and IFS professional who is transitioning to using the Internal Family Systems model in your work. If you are already a seasoned IFS professional and just like listening to podcasts, you are most welcome too!

Gayle Williamson and I have been using IFS for many years and will be discussing key aspects of the model, going over skills, sharing case material (with permission) and generally sharing our take on things IFS. I live in the Southwest of England, Gayle lives in Ireland and we wanted to provide a homegrown podcast focusing primarily on IFS (hence the title).

You can find us here and on other major podcast platforms: Purely IFS with Emma and Gayle Podcast on Spotify

Podcast episodes:

  • Mastering IFS as a complete model
  • Taking the leap with Direct Access
  • Updating, and meeting Self Part 1
  • Updating, and meeting Self Part 2 Case example
  • Making the most of IFS Supervision
  • How our parts affect our health Part 1
  • How our parts affect our health Part 2
  • Skilled parts detecting

Integrating IFS into Supervision and Consultation, Liz Martins with Emma Redfern (recording)

A recording of two online workshops by IFS Institute Lead Trainer, Liz Martins with guest speaker Emma Redfern (IFS editor and author) in 2021. Hosted by Life Architect in Poland, click here for more information and to purchase.


Parallel Process in IFS Supervision (free online)

20 February 2024

Author: Emma Redfern

What can Internal Family Systems bring to our understanding of the supervision phenomenon of parallel process? How might an IFS supervisor and her supervisee work with this in service of the client? Psychotherapist, IFS supervisor and author Emma Redfern explains why detecting parts primes IFS clinicians to identify and work with activated parts in multiple systems - and shares some common parts dynamics that can show up via unconscious processes in supervision.

Retraining in Internal Family Systems: No IFS, Ands, or Buts (free online)

10 January, 2024

Author: Emma Redfern

What are the 'non-negotiables' of a particular therapeutic modality, and what challenges might these pose for a qualified therapist looking to retrain? With increasing numbers of practitioners showing an interest in transitioning to Internal Family Systems, psychotherapist, Certified IFS Therapist and author Emma Redfern highlights common stumbling blocks when moving from a 'counteractive' to a 'transformative' therapy style - and explains why she holds a firm line on following the IFS model.


IFS Consultation Groups

Laura Schmidt, LMFT

IFS Group Consultation for IFS Certification

Process Groups for IFS Therapists

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

First & Third Wednesday Pause for Calm & Connection 12pm PT


Dr R Jey Hiott, PhD Psychologist

Works with adults and couples (IFIO) and has experience of working with children and families.

Offering individual and small-group consultation with hours counting towards IFSI Certification.

Sliding scale. Based in Asheville, NC.

Call on 828-768-5459 or email jeyhiott@gmail.com

For a list of approved IFS consultants and supervisors with availability, click here

The One Inside: An IFS Podcast hosted by Tammy Sollenberger

See Episode 152 IFS and Freeing Self with Emma Redfern where we talk about:

  • my story and trusting the inner "Yes"
  • my writing journey and current writing projects
  • IFS supervision and creating one's professional identity and offering
  • not "IFS-ing away" our parts
  • Self's ability to bear and be with multiple realities
  • the nature of success and how showing up can = success

IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapists and practitioners

Michelle G. Hayes Counselling, MA

Relationship therapist, trainer, career coaching and IFS-informed children and young people therapist

In-person, via zoom and walk and talk Dorchester area

for more information and to contact, click here

Catherine Allen (EX14)

Integrative Counsellor, Accredited Member of BACP

07444 035009

See www.silkhaycounselling.com

Judy Gibbons MBACP

Counselling, EFT and Yoga-informed Therapy

Topsham, EX3

See www.judygibbonscounselling.co.uk

See also BACP website

and Counselling Directory website

TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises) & Qigong Opportunities

Release stress; heal trauma (both physical and emotional); reclaim health and wellbeing. Learn how to release deeply held tension comfortably, naturally and with ease. Yoga and TRE are available in person in Devon TQ13 with Jo Hamilton, an advanced TRE practitioner and mentor, tele: 07714 253992 for a chat or email: jopureyoga@gmail.com


For Qigong join Robert Brooks in Topsham on Wednesday evenings 7 to 8pm, starting 12 June 2024. Classes are £10 per person with no booking required. For more information contact Robert on blueskyqigong@icloud.com

Join Chinese Qigong teacher Yan Cui Laoshi for a 5-day Soaring Crane Qigong Workshop in Lympstone, Devon EX8 5JY, from 26 to 30th July 2024. For more information and a booking form, contact Caroline Whyman on 07958 908450 or email: zhinengqigonguk@gmail.com

For Young People

Kooth offers emotional and mental health support for children and young people aged between 11 – 24 years and is available up to 10pm every day, see www.kooth.com